Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm hooked on photography.....

At Karrie Hillis Photography, Karrie is great at capturing the simple things in life and making them wall-worthy....
....I can surely say that I am hooked on great photography like Karrie's.....
...things like an old door with brass knobs, historic buildings, or a green rusty entrance that is never used, become artwork....
....Quaint places in black and white take you back to another time....
...this abandoned home makes you feel something and wonder who once lived here....
...a single limb on a tree....
....a favorite soda....
.....she captures cute smiling faces.......and sexy poses, too.... You can drool over more of Karrie's wall worthies here at Karrie Hillis Photography.
And check out Hooked On Houses' blog party, "Hooked On Fridays," to see what everyone else is hooked on.....


  1. Karrie does very good photography and you did a great post too! Enjoyed!

  2. Hi Lindsay
    Great post ,photography is so much fun !
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Happy Trails

  3. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing and introducing us to Karrie :-)

    There are so many things around us that can become great pieces of art if we just try looking at them from a different perspective.

    Thanks for checking out my Hooked on Fridays post. With a name like Mrs. Peacock, you pretty much HAVE to love turquoise, don't you?! ;-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. It certainly is MY passion-- I can totally understand how you feel.


  5. Very nice - the old town hall and abandoned house are my favorites, I think.

  6. ohh I'm really drawn to that abandoned house one!

  7. I love photos of old allows the mind to wonder what happened there. Thanks for sharing. (that reminds me..I need to learn more about my camera and take better photos!)