Friday, April 24, 2009

What's Hot....

...these are!
And I want one...or two....
These are Garden Stools meant for outdoor areas, and they are HOT right now. They can also be used indoors as coffee tables, side tables, or extra seating. Really, they are just cute! And the colors are great! I hope to use one in the craft room I'm planning out. These 2 are at West Elm and a little pricey at $120 to $200..... The 3 shown below are at Pottery Barn for around the same at $150.... These super cool metallic stools are at Wisteria for $129.But earlier this week, I found these stools at TJ Maxx Home Goods ranging from $39 to $69. Not bad!
Oohhh, I want one!
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  1. I have been seeing a lot of these around lately. I think they're fun. Now you've got me wondering where I could put one. Hmmm...

    Thanks for joining my blog party! Hope you're having a great weekend. :-)

  2. Hi Lindsay,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, it is so nice to meet new friends. I enjoyed this post!
    I am a fan of these lovely garden stools and happen to own three! It is amazing how many patterns and colors they come in.

  3. pottery barn always does it up right!!!
    sucks me in every time :)

  4. Just came across your blog via Metamorphosis Monday--thought I would let you know that I saw these garden stools at Costco yesterday, but cannot remember the price. Not sure if you have a Costco in your area but the price is always pretty good there.

    Good luck!

  5. Lindsay,
    I wanted to tell you how great your blog is. I hope all is well. Karrie told me you got a job. Congrats on that. We all need to get together sometime.